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Ann Allen
Baroque Oboes, Shawms, Dulcians, Doucaines, Recorders

Bitten by the early music bug at an early age, Ann Allen, has never quite recovered and now is a leading specialist in early wind instruments.

Born in the UK, she has lived in Manchester, London, Basel, Berlin and Paris - studying at Royal Academy of Music, Schola Cantorum Basiliensis and Sorbonne & Manchester Universities along the way.

Now based permanently in Basel she divides her time between performing and teaching ... with a smattering of opera staging to spice things up.

She has performed with many of the leading wind ensembles including Alta Bellezza, Les Haulz et Les Bas and I Fedeli and has been directing her own medieval ensemble, Mediva, for over two decades.

As a freelance oboist she has performed with many baroque orchestras including Capriccio Basel, Ad Fontes, L'Arpa Festante, La Cetra, and Academy of Ancient Music. For several years she ran the baroque chamber group Il Bacio and was co-founder of the UK based oboe band Syrinx.

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